I just found out about FancyFootage.club, a site that offers 5 free looping videos each month for use in design projects. You do have to sign up with your email address.

Looping videos can be used for many different projects — websites, presentations, and so forth.

I found the webm file worked better than the mp4, both of which come with the downloads, as well as a image capture. Remember to add loop=”loop” to your embedded video tag in your web page to make it loop. I noticed that having two videos on the page added a slight buffering.

The first month, April, my reaction to the videos ranged from “gotta have it now” to “meh.”

This one was my absolute favorite and I downloaded it right away. I reduced it to show you here but you can make it full screen for backgrounds.


I also downloaded the paragliding video below but I think I would probably edit the video to at least take out the scenes of the hanging feet.

The other videos this month weren’t as much to my taste — they included a plane taking off overhead, waves on a beach, and trees — but I could easily see uses for them.

So check out this site to see Fancy Footage videos in action.


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