I took a short break from Twitter. When I returned I discovered that I had 306 notifications from Twitter. I didn’t have the time or energy to sort through them all. I’d also noticed in that time that it looked like I had a lot of deadbeats who were no longer following me but I was following them.

I turned to one of my favorite Twitter tools — Tweeter Karma at http://www.dossy.org/twitter/karma/

This free tool lists all your followers and tell you whether you follow them, they follow you, and when their last tweet was. Since I have close to 2000 followers this was a long list but much better than trying to wade through notifications. Just once click on the unfollow link below those who weren’t following me removed them from my list. (I kept those who had something unique to offer, like @MktgExperiments). Checking out those profiles I didn’t follow yet took a little more time. Those with names that were clearly branded were easy to handle, but I still had to check out some with vague names. (I do follow almost everyone who follows me — unless they are promoting something against my values.) Once again that was easy to do by just clicking the link to the profile and then clicking the follow link on Tweeter Karma.

I’ve used Tweeter Karma several times and strongly recommend it. I also recommend donating to them — it is free but they deserve some reward for providing such a great tool.

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