This one was a real stumper because in all the Joomla websites I’ve designed, I’ve never seen this come up. In fact, I thought it was a browser add-on issue at first.

The issue:

  • Joomla 1.5.2x install
  • When the user put the domain name in a search engine field, and then clicked on the link to the website, the website layout was messed up and the following words appeared at the top of the website: It seems you arrived at this page from a search engine. To help you find what you were looking for, we’ve highlighted your search terms
  • Below that line was a the domain name highlighted in yellow
  • In addition, the user did report that he saw various terms highlighted as links within the content with the links pointing to Wikipedia. One of these was in gray with a dashed line underneath. (I could not reproduce this error.)

After a lot of research I discovered that there is a plugin isekeywords that highlights key words when it is enabled. I had not enabled it so I’m not sure what caused it to be enabled. I disabled the plugin by going to Extensions / Plugins in the Joomla Administrator and disabling the System Isekeywords plugin

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